02 September 2014

Wren Connolly: Reboot by Amy Tintera

Reboot series by Amy Tintera:
1. Reboot.
2. Rebel.

Strength Rating: 5
Recommended: 5

Amy Tintera introduces readers to a new kind of undead. A virus KDH, named after the site of the first outbreak Kill Devil Hills, reprograms people after they die. The theory is that the longer someone is dead, the stronger and less humane they are when they reboot.

Wren 178 is the highest number reboot known. She was dead for 178 minutes before she came back to consciousness. Now she is one of the best soldiers at HARC (Human Advancement & Repopulation Corp). She is also one of the top trainers of new reboots. As a 178 she always gets first pick of the new recruits, but she surprises everyone including herself when she picks Callum 22. The under 60s have too many human emotions left to be easy to train, but there is something about 22 that is changing the way Wren thinks.

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