29 May 2016

Prudence Alessandra Maccon Akeldama: Custard Protocol

Custard Protocol by Gail Carriager:
1. Prudence.
2. Imprudence. (7.2016)

The Custard Protocol is the third series by Gail Carriger set in the same alternate history world. Chronologically, the first series is The Finishing School, followed twenty years later by The Parasol Protectorate, then another twenty years before The Custard Protocol.

Prudence Alessandra Maccon Akeldama, aka Rue, has three of the most influential parents in London. Her blood parents are a werewolf and a preternatural who both work for the Queen. Her adoptive father, raised by him for political and security reasons, is a rove vampire and also works for the Queen. Together, the three of them plus the greater werewolf pack and vampire drones, raised Rue to be a self-sufficient, strong young woman.

When Rue is gifted a dirigible by her father, Lord Akeldama, she immediately sets about setting up a crew to set sail for India. Dama is sending her to explore a new tea that could become all the rage in London. Joined by her best friend, Primrose Tunstell, her brother Percy Tunstell and Quesnel Lafoux, Rue is planning a one to two month float. What she does not know is that Dama has other plans for her along the way. Plans she may have been told if they had not unexpectedly left a full day early.

Filled with beloved characters from her previous series, and introducing the next generation, Carriger has begun another wonderful series. While it is difficult to pinpoint one favorite book, her Parasol Protectorate, Finishing School and now Custard Protocol series are definitely up there on the list of the most fun I have had reading. Carrigers books are creative and delightful. If you have not yet been introduced, start reading them today!

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