10 September 2014

Iolanthe Seaborne: Elementals series by Sherry Thomas

Elementals series by Sherry Thomas:
1. Burning Sky.
2. The Perilous Sea.

Strength Rating: 4
Recommended: 4

Iolanthe Seaborne has been hiding all of her life. He guardian has moved her from school to school where hopes to hide her from the Bane and his Inquisitor. As an elemental mage she may be targets for her powers. But Iolanthe doesn't think she is in too much danger. Until the day she needs to fix a spell that has been ruined.

When she calls lightning from the sky everything changes. Prince Titus has been waiting for an elemental mage to call lightning as seen by his mother's prophecy. He has already set up a place to hid the mage - whom he was convinced was going to be a boy.

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