10 April 2013

His Fair Assassin series by Robin LaFevers

His Fair Assassin by Robin LaFevers:
1. Grave Mercy.
2. Dark Triumph.
3. Mortal Heart (2014).

Strength Rating: 5
Recommended: 5

His Fair Assassin series that takes place in 1489 in Brittany at a time when the rule of Brittany is inherited by a thirteen year old girl and both France and her nobles plot to take over control of the country.

Mortain is the god of Death. Those who serve in his convent are not nuns but assassins. They are trained in the art of killing and to see the signs of those marked for death. And in this time of unrest, they are the perfect spies within the royalty and nobility.

LaFevers' series is great historical fiction with a hint of magic/fantasy or religious fervor that presents as such. The books will pull readers in right away and keep them enthralled until the last page, only coming up for air to check her blog for the publishing date of the next book!

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