26 April 2013

Catherine Hassi Barahal: Spirtwalker Trilogy by Kate Elliott

Spiritwalker Trilogy by Kate Elliott:
1. Cold Magic.
2. Cold Fire.
3. Cold Steel.

Strength Rating: 4
Recommended: 5

Catherine Hassi Barahal has been raised by her aunt and uncle since the age of six when her parents were killed in a flood. Though she has few memories of her parents, she has the journals her father wrote as he traveled the world.

Before Cat and her family can get ready to visit an air ship that has just arrived in their city of Adurnam, a man shows up at their house. Not just any man, but a cold mage. And he is there to fulfill a contract between the Four Moons House and the house of the Hassi Barahal - a contract sealed by magic. He asks who is the eldest daughter. Cat is older than her cousin Bee by a few weeks.

The next thing Catherine knows, she is being married to the mage without even knowing his name. She is told to pack a small trunk and prepare to travel to her new home.Cat will be thrust into a new world of magic and politics where she will be used as a pawn by a powerful house.

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